About Cimizt®

Your healthcare provider has prescribed Cimizt® as your combined oral contraceptive.

If you are starting Cimizt® for the first time, please carefully read the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) provided inside the pack.

Understanding how to take Cimizt® correctly and what might make it less effective is essential to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

If you misplace the PIL you can download a replacement here.

Why was I given Cimizt®?
If you want to find out more about why Cimizt® was chosen as your contraceptive pill, please talk to your doctor or healthcare provider. They will be able to explain in greater detail why Cimizt® has been selected as the right choice for your contraception.

If you received Marvelon® previously
Changing your prescription to Cimizt® is as simple as getting used to the new packaging – you’ll take the same number of tablets each month, and request repeat prescriptions in the same way as when you took Marvelon®.1,2 When taken correctly, Cimizt® is just as effective at preventing pregnancy as Marvelon®.3,4

Cimizt® contains the same active ingredients in the same amounts as Marvelon®, and is therefore considered to work in the same way.1—4

If you still have any concerns about your change of brand, please talk to the healthcare provider who prescribed you this product.

Other Concerns?
Only your healthcare provider knows your full medical history, so if there is any information in the Patient Information Leaflet that you want to know more about or worries you, please talk to your doctor or healthcare provider for advice and guidance.



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