• Zelleta® is an oestrogen free, progestogen only pill (POP) containing 75mcg desogestrel1
  • Each pack of Zelleta® contains 3 x 28 blister strips of tablets for 3 cycles of contraceptive cover2
 Effective and reliable

  • Zelleta® offers women an acceptable alternative to combined oral contraceptives (COCs)3
  • Zelleta® provides reliable contraception with a 12-hour ‘missed pill’ window, but longer than traditional (non-desogestrel) POPs1,3

Please refer to the full Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) before prescribing.

Summary of Product Characteristics and Patient Information Leaflet
Summary of Product Characteristics:

Patient Information Leaflet:

Additional Prescriber resources
The full NICE Clinical Knowledge Summary for contraceptive prescribing for progestogen-only-pills (POPs), including UK Medical Eligibility Criteria may be found here.


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